Bomar Ergonomic 290.258 DGANC

Universal semiautomatic bandsaw with a robust cast-iron arm and 27 mm high saw band. Material clamping and arm downfeed are controlled hydraulically. The material feeding is manual. The complete cutting cycle is started by pressing the Start button. A fully automatic band saw for double-sided mitre cuts with automatic arm positioning. Material downfeed and clamping and arm downfeed are controlled hydraulically. The maximum length of an individual feed is 1,500 mm. The whole work cycle is completed after the length and number of pieces and angles on each side of a piece have been programmed. The control unit is equipped with a large display. The programming is performed in simple steps, and thanks to a large graphic display of individual sections it is easy to control for the user. Up to 60 programs may be saved in the unit. After switching the machine to the manual mode, all functions of the machine may be controlled separately.
The robust arm is made from grey cast-iron, which means better vibration absorption during cutting than with a welded arm. The outstanding cutting power of the machine results from the following features: a hardmetal band precision guide, an arm joint laid in preloaded conical bearings, a 27 mm high saw band and lastly, a synchronous running brush for chips disposal. The vices are laid solid on preloaded linear guiding. The movable vice opens to both sides, which eliminates collisions with uneven materials. A continuous roller track ensures simple and safe feeding of short materials. The angles are set electromechanically from -45° to 60° within approx. 3 sec.

Key features

  • Automatic downfeed pressure regulation
  • Continuous roller track up to the main vice
  • Hardmetal band precision guide
  • Material slide
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Cutting parameters

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258 325×180 250×258 258
45°R 210 215×100 180×250 195
45°L 180 235×80 145×245 165
60°R 125 135×100 115×125 125

Technical specification

Working mode automatic
Machine type Horizontal bandsaw
Cut Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range -45°- 60°
Drive 1,5 kW, 3 x 400 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed 20 – 120 m/min.
Saw band dimensions 2 910 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Material loading height 755 mm
Shortest remainder length 280 mm (0°cutting angle)

Additional information


Manual DG, Hydraulic Semi-automatic DGH

Suitable handling systems

Handling System M

Handling System M

Highly flexible handling solution for feeding medium weight materials. Thanks to a unique profile system, “M” System roller tracks may be easily adjusted to customer’s requirements. With the bearing capacity up to 150 kg and a wide range of accessories and connection pieces of BOMAR bandsaws, the “M” System is an ideal partner for handling material in your workshop.

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TenzomatA precise measuring tool for the control of the saw band tension when a new band is installed.

Workspace lightingWorkspace lightingA LED lamp for lighting the Workspace, adjustable and mounted on the flexible arm.

Saw band tension indicatorMicro-spray systemFor ideal cutting of pipes and profiles, the micro-spray unit applies a grease film on the teeth points and lateral sides of the saw band.

Third coolant supplyThird coolant supplyThe third coolant supply is used for extra-wide materials. The coolant supply is flexible and may be individually adjusted to the material shape.

Material stopRemote diagnostic and maintenanceMaintenance status and error reports are sent through an internet connection, reducing operational downtimes.

Chip removing gunChip removing gunTool for fast and easy cleaning of the machine from chips and burrs.