Bomar Workline 610.450 DGH

This semiautomatic bandsaw is designed for single-sided mitre cuts and for cutting material up to 450 mm in diameter. The machine provides high quality at an affordable price. The excellent cutting power results from these features: a hard- metal band precision guide, an arm joint laid in slide bearings, a 34 mm high saw band, and a synchronous running brush for chips disposal. Material clamping and arm downfeed are controlled hydraulically, material feed is controlled manually.

The whole work cycle is completed at the press of the Start button: the material is clamped, the saw band starts up, cutting is carried out, the arm is raised to the default position, and the vice is opened. After switching the machine to the manual mode, all functions may be controlled separately.

Thanks to a large angle scale located within the operator’s field of vision it is easy to set the required angle precisely. The saw band speed is set on the ergonomic control panel located in the front of the machine.

The basic equipment of the machine includes a frequency convertor that allows the band’s optimal speed to be set against the processed material within the 20-120 m/min range; this significantly increases both the saw band lifetime and the machine productivity.

Standard equipment of Workline automatic machines includes automatic downfeed pressure regulation dependent on the resistance of the processed material.

Key features

  • Hardmetal saw band precision guide
  • Material clamping and arm downfeed are controlled hydraulically
  • Well-arranged angle scale
  • Saw band cleaning brush


Cutting parameters

... ... ...
450 610×350 450
45°R 450 480×100 420
45°L 450 500×100 420
60°R 310 320×100 300
60°L 340 350×100 320


Technical Specification
Working mode: semiautomatic
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: -60° – 60°
Drive: 3 kW, 3×400 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 20 – 120 m/min.
Saw band dimensions:  5 200x34x1,1 mm
Material loading height:  781 mm
Shortest remnant length: 60 mm
Machine Dimensions
Length:  2 781 mm
Width:  1 443 mm
Height:  1 564 mm
Weight: 800 kg

Additional information


Manual DG, Hydraulic Semi-Automatic DG

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Highly flexible handling solution for feeding medium weight materials. With the bearing capacity up to 600 kg and a wide range of accessories and connection parts of BOMAR band saws, System T is an ideal partner for handling materials in your workshop. Thanks to the default lengths of 2 and 3 m, the roller tracks are flexible and may be adjusted to any environment.

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