KASTO Vertical


By the long cut working method, the vertical KASTO bandsawing machine allows to cut square or flat materials with different sizes of cross section from rolled blocks or rolled plates.

  • Movable material support table ensures fast and safe material handling
  • Sawband guide via pretensioned carbide glide guides, with quick release for fast blade change
  • Cutting speed and cutting feed infinitely adjustable
  • Hydraulic, height-adjustable band arm guide
  • Hydraulic saw blade clamping, electrically monitored, automatic shut-off in case of breakage
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Technical data

Cutting range
Cutting height without BandControl
23.62 in
Cutting height with BandControl
21.65 in
Max. cutting length
49.61 in
Cutting depth
26.77 in
Cutting depth with measuring stop (option)
23.62 in


Mass and height
Length incl. chip tub
84.65 in
Length incl. chip conveyor
100.39 in
92.52 in
118.90 in
Total weight
7260 lbs
Supporting surface of front table (length x width)
49.61 x 25.20 in
Supporting surface of back table (length x width)
49.61 x 25.20 in
Max. table load
4400 lbs
Height of table support approx.
45.28 in


Performance characteristics
Power of saw motor
5.28 HP
Total connected load
7.92 HP
Cutting speed infinitely variable
22.96 – 360.80 ft/min
Saw blade feed rate, infinitely adjustable
0.04 – 9.84 in/min
Rapid motion
86.61 in/min
Saw blade dimensions
214.57 x 1.61 x 0.05 in
Saw blade dimensions option I
214.57 x 2.13 x 0.05 in