Industrial System cleaner for waterbased operating fluids

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RENOCLEAN SMC is a very effective system cleaner for all supply systems for waterbased operating fluids and coolants in central systems or individually-filled machines. Neither pH value nor foaming of the operating fluid change significantly when RENOCLEAN SMC is added. Soil in machines, tubes and reservoirs of the system are loosened and reemulsified. The complete cleaning effect is only achieved if the operating fluid circulates through all working parts of the system. For heavily soiled systems, increasing the dwell time to 24 hours is recommended. Thick sediment deposits are best removed mechanically and rinsed off with clean water. RENOCLEAN SMC is compatible with a large number of operating fluids and is specially adjusted to all ECOCOOL and RENOFORM products

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Good Practice Guide for Safe Handling and Disposal of Metalworking Fluids