TOS Olomouc FGU 32 Universal Knee-Type Milling machine – 2010

The FGU32 type is a high efficiency production milling machine with horizontal spindle. It is designed for precision and productive milling of flat or box-section workpieces up to 250 kg weight occurring in the one-off or batch production.

The wide range of spindle speeds and feeds enables effective milling of all metals with tools made from a high speed steel or a hardmetal. The split cross table enables the longitudinal table to be swivelled about its vertical axis thereby considerably extending the technological possibilities of the machine.

  • Table size 360 x 1400 mm
  • Spindle with taper ISO 50
  • Basis spindle speed range 31,5 – 1400 rpm
  • Automatic feeds X,Y,Z (stepless)
  • Handwheels in axes X,Y and Z with measuring dials – dividing 0,02 mm
  • Drive for special attachment
  • Climb-cut milling in longitudinal axis
  • Electrical equipment for 400V/50 cycles
  • Excellent condition

Price: POA