TruPunch 1000 (S05) Year: 2007


Working range

(X x Y) without repositioning                           2070 x 1280 mm



Max. sheet thickness                                     6.4 mm

Max. punching tonnage                                  165 kN

Max. workpiece weight                                   150 kg

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Basic equipment TruPunch 1000


Stable C-frame for easy access: Stable welded construction in one piece, installation requires no special foundation. Special format sheets can be processed by repositioning and turning them over. Fast loading and unloading from three sides.


Coordinate guide for high-precision machining: Located in the throat of the machine, guides the work piece            under the machining station. High-precision machining thanks to ground and hardened guide rails on bearings in X and Y.


Linear magazine incl. 2 clamps: Linear magazine integrated in the coordinate guide, with 15 tool stations for up to 150 tools and 2 hydraulic clamps. The number of clamps can be increased to 3. Pre-set cartridges enable quick and easy tool setup in one quick step.


Maintenance-free drives: NC regulated maintenance-free, 3-phase servo motors; for highest accuracy of positioning and rotation axes.


Repositioning unit with programmable stripper: Automatic repositioning device with programmable presser foot, allows processing of the complete sheet (also in the area of the clamps) and of oversized sheets.


Ball-fitted tables: Optimal support of the sheet; robust and maintenance-free.


Parts chute 180 mm x 150 mm: Chute for parts measuring max. 180 mm x 150 mm or 460 mm x 500 mm (X x Y), located directly in front of the machining station, makes for short push out paths and hence faster part removal. A sensor for chute monitoring is available as an option.


Chip container: for punching slugs, on wheels.


First oil fillings: The first oil fillings are part of the basic equipment.


Punching head       

Hydraulic punching head: Consistently high punching power guaranteed by electro-hydraulic drive of the ram axis and adaptive stroke rate control. Wear-free, hydrostatic bearing of the ram, also allows off-center loads. This permits the use of shear cut Whisper Tools (reduces noise emission and punching force requirements).


 Single tool adapter: One adapter for all tool sizes and types. Hydraulic clamping ensures precise centric alignment of punch and die.


360° rotation of all tools: Fewer tools needed and shorter machining times as all tools can be rotated to any angle desired. Reduces set-up. The tool always rotates the shortest distance to assume the new angle.


Programmable presser foot: Can be programmed to set down on the work piece or at a certain standoff from the work piece. Permits processing not only of parts which must meet stringent requirements with respect to evenness but also allows forming close to holes and cutouts.


Tool length compensation: Increased tool longevity through minimal, automatically controlled depth of tool penetration.


Spray tool lubrication: Longer tool life, lubrication and cooling positively influence the punching operation.


Vacuum slug removal: Punching slugs are evacuated, preventing them from sticking to the punch. Reliable removal, even if punch penetration depth is minimal.


Forming: Electro-hydraulic ram in punching head allows a wide range of forms to be produced (extrusions, louvers, beads, flanges, hinges can be produced with the appropriate tools).



Controller based on Bosch PNC-P: Open control system for easy, activity-oriented operation. Allows highest machining speeds to be attained even when processing complex part geometry.

Control panel with TFT colour touch screen 15“: Menu-driven operator guidance enables data input in dialogue mode, while production is running. Ergonomic layout of the control panel with graphic screen and numeric keyboard including soft keys.


NC program management: Clear NC program and tool management. NC program memory with 40 GB hard disc.


On-line help: Information on operation, programming, diagnostic aids can be requested at once.


Integrated e-shop: Ordering spare parts online – directly from the Internet.


Integrated technology data: All technology data is stored in the form of tables. Via program control, the data regulates such things as the loading/unloading positions, part removal strategies and tool technology.


Diagnostic function: The causes of error messages are analyzed, and measures for fault elimination are displayed.


Teleservice: Contact can be established directly with the TRUMPF Service Dept. via modem. Swift reaction is therefore possible and machine downtimes can be minimized. Data security is assured by means of passwords.



Software package TruTops Punch Basic: In the standard configuration there is TruTops Punch Basic for programming the machine on the shop floor or, optionally, from an external programming station. TruTops Punch Basic is a special version of the standard TruTops Punch version adjusted to the TruPunch 1000.


Simplified programming: In addition to TruTops Punch Basic, a simplified version is available at the control. With this simplified version, typical punching parts can be drawn, manual nested very quickly and easily and programmed with the TRUMPF punching technology.


Data transmission  

USB interface and network connection: The machine controller is equipped with a USB connection and a RJ45 network connection (10 or 100 MBit/s) as standard. If connection to customer’s BNC network (10 MBit/s) is required, a media converter will be supplied free of charge. Max. cable length between the individual components: 100 meters for RJ45 connection and 170 meters for a BNC connection.


Network connection incl. installation per Teleservice: The network connection includes preparation of the machine controller and installation in an existing customer network. To integrate the machine in the customer’s existing network, detailed customer-specific information is required. Prerequisite for integration into an existing network at the customer’s:

–   Ethernet 10 MBit/s (or 100MBit/s)

–   Network connection: RJ45 (or BNC)

–   Supported network protocols: NetBeui, TCP/IP, Novell-Server or NFS File system

–    Installation is performed by TRUMPF staff via Teleservice (prerequisite). Travel costs and per diem are charged to the customer if on-site installation is required.


Working range

(X x Y) without repositioning                           2070 x 1280 mm



Max. sheet thickness                                     6.4 mm

Max. punching tonnage                                  165 kN

Max. workpiece weight                                   150 kg


Max. speeds

X axis                                                           80 m/min

Y axis                                                           55 m/min

Simultaneous (X and Y)                                  97 m/min

Stroke rate, punching                                     600 1/min

Stroke rate, marking                                       1300 1/min

C axis, punching                                            180 rotation/min

C axis, tapping                                              180 rotation/min



Linear magazine                                            15 tool stations with 2 clamps (3rd clamp optional)

Number when using MultiTool                         up to 150 tools

Rotation of all tools                                        360° full rotation

Tool change time

  • Single tool 4,4 s
  • MultiTool 2,2 s

Max. punch diameter:

  • Single stroke 2 mm at all tool


Max. forming height                                       25 mm with MultiBend function


Programmable parts chute                           (X x Y)

Max. part size          Standard:                       180 x 150 mm
Option:                           180 x 500 mm

4600 x 500 mm[1]



Positioning accuracy                                      + 0.1 mm

Repeatability                                                 + 0.03 mm



X/Y/C axes                                                    NC regulated maintenance-free, servo-motors

Punching head                                               Electro-hydraulic

[1] For parts cut free in Y direction

[2] According to German standard VDI/DGQ 3441. Measuring length 1 m. The achievable accuracy in the worpiece depends – among other things, on the kind of workpiece, its pre-treatment, sheet size and  its position in the work area.

Control                   TRUMPF CNC control                                   BOSCH PNC-P with touch screen     with PC operating panel, colour screen                                                       15”

Hard disc                                                      40 GB



requirements          Electrical connection

Electrical connected load                               approx. 14 kVA / 50 Hz

Average power consumption                          approx. 7 kW/h


Pneumatic connection

Pneumatic connection                                    6 bar

Max. air consumption                                     approx. 8 Nm³/h


Weights and dimensions

Space requirements                                       6000 x 5825 mm

Height                                                           2155 mm

Weight                                                          8000 kg


Machine                                                        Textured paint: white – RAL 9002

Control cabinets                                            Textured paint: blue – RAL 5010