The CIDAN FORMA Z metal folder is the most flexible and diverse machine in our profile. Folding both up and down, FORMA Z metal folder eliminates the need to flip material, providing time-efficient folding of complex parts using one operator. With the capacity to fold both directions while maintaining the ability for up acting front operation for small batch runs, this machine is proven to be the complete package for sheet metal shops. Tool changes can now be made even faster thanks to optional dual sided high divided tools on combi beam, automatic tool locking, as well as the new tool layout in the updated control system, ProLink W. A newly developed construction of the folding beam, automatic folding center, and sheet thickness adjustment provides superior folding quality in all thicknesses.

  • CNC controlled crowning of folding beam
  • CNC brake that folds upward and downward, no need to flip the material.
  • 150mm movement of folding beam, to move outside of material on folding side.
  • The Combi beam comes equipped with 8” (203mm) High Divided Tools and 30º straight rail.
  • Comes as standard with multifold tooling, CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center adjustment.
  • The folding beam can be used as front gauge up to 150 mm.
  • Add vacuum grippers to make work lighter, more precise, and automated!

“Our strongest target was to create a full-package machine with all the eight necessary features an industrial folding machine should possess: one-of-a-unique-kind.”
—Stefan Frid, R&D head at CIDAN Machinery.

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  • Discover the benefits with collapsable corner tools! – Click Here
  • Vacuum grippers in the back gauge! – Click Here

FORMA Z Range Specifications

Model Folding Length Folding Capacity Opening Height Outer Dimensions**** Weight Motor
mm (ga)
Stainless steel**
mm (ga)
mm (“)
Clamping beam
mm (“)
Length x depth x height
mm (“)
kg (lbs) Clamping beam
kW (hp)
Folding beam
FORMA Z 30 3200
4900 (193) x 2750 (108) x 2000 (78) 7200 (15,7) 2 x 1.1
(2 x 1.5)
2 x 4.0
(2 x 5.4)
FORMA Z 40 4100
5800 (228) x 2750 (108) x 2000 (78) 9500
2 x 1.1
(2 x 1.5)
2 x 4.0
(2 x 5.4)

Standard Equipment

  • CNC controlled crowning of folding beam
  • Control System ProLink W 21.5″ widescreen with integrated buttons
  • CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center
  • Multifold: all three beams are delivered with segmented tools (w/out tooling)
  • The folding beam is delivered with either 8 mm ( .3″), 12 mm (.47″), 15 mm (.6″) or 25 mm (.98″) segmented tools
  • Laser scanner on folding beam side, light curtain on both folding and gauging side
  • Back gauge can be delivered with vacuum gripper; and/or with height adjustment – all to your wish; minimum gauging is 6 mm for spring steel fingers (AGS)
  • Automatic lock of high divided and folding beam tools
  • Automatic lubrication