HP-40 Horizontal Press

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Product Features

  • Hydraulically moving carriage of forged steel with double slides, suitably hardened, ground and protected by dust scrapers.
  • Moving beam sided on the table in rigid way.
  • Easy adjustable stroke distance from front side.
  • Working with foot pedal or two hand control.
  • Roomy side tool holder shelves beside the machine.
  • Die holder pins made in alloy steel with rapid conical change, hardened and ground to obtain a strong lock.

Technical Details

Workbench dimensions (mm) 620×1050
Mobile punch operating speed (m/min.) 470
Min.Max. Mobile and fixed pins height (mm) 120/370
Max. stroke of mobile punch (mm) 250
Advance and return speed(m/min.) 1750/2000
Mobile and fixed pins height (mm) 120
Mobile and fixed pins diameters (mm) 55/63
Max. operating pressure in hydraulic circuit 250
Max. operating pressure (ton) 40
Height of workbench from the ground(mm) 930
Engine Power (kW) 4
Noise level(db) 70
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (lt) 70
Machine Width (mm) 1150
Machine Length (mm) 700
Machine Height (mm) 950
Machine Weight (kg) 920