PN-1260 Pipe & Tube Notching Machine

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The biggest advantage compared to other notching machine are you don`t have to change the drums and grindings and you can notch the pipes with different diameters on one panel.

You are very often to do notching pipes, than, the best solution is the 1,5 kW motorised model PN-1260.

Consists of a unit which is driven by a reducer motor and which is driven by a special excentric shaft. The motor is without voltage protected, the motor is controlled by an on/off key.

Result; more production, low investment, simple and fast working for pipes with different diameters all in one.

The Advantages of the Electrical Notching Machines

  • High Productivity
  • Low Investments
  • Fast & Easy Operation
  • Several Diameters Directly Available
  • Ideal for Double Corner Joints

Technical Details

Pipe Diameters Ø12,7 Ø15,8 – (5/8“)
Ø21,3 – (1/2“)
Ø26,9 – (3/4“)
Ø33,7 – (1“)
Ø42,4 – (1 1/4“)
Ø48,3 – (1 1/2“)
Ø60,3 – (2“)
Max Pipe Thickness (mm) 3
Engine Power (kW-d/dk) 1.5 kW
Machine Width (mm) 450
Machine Length (mm) 950
Machine Height (mm) 1200
Machine Weight (kg) 150