TruBend Cell 7000

Innovative high-speed bending cell

The TruBend Cell 7000 offers users a compact system for the highly dynamic, efficient bending of small parts.

  • Faster productionBackgauges and a dynamic drive concept make the TruBend Cell 7000 the world’s fastest small-part bending cell.
  • A small-part specialistYou can now produce small parts up to 500×380 mm even more efficiently.
  • Automatic productionThe conveyor system gives you flexible storage options for your finished parts.
  • Precise anglesFirst part, perfect part – thanks to ACB.
  • Effortless tool changeThe ToolMaster Bend sets up automatically.
  • Optimised material flowThe LoadMaster Bend loads quickly, reliably and parallel to production.
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Tool clamp

The split tool clamp ensures optimal use of the gripper, saving time-consuming regripping.

Precise transfer to the BendMaster

The integrated sheet sensor of the LoadMaster Bend performs an optical measurement of the blanks, and ensures precise transfer to the BendMaster.

LoadMaster Bend

The LoadMaster Bend loads the press brake with blanks parallel to production. An integrated sheet sensor transfers them precisely to the BendMaster.


Technical Data


Pivoted-jaw gripper

The pivoted-jaw gripper enables the automated bending of small components. Its linear and rotary axes reduce time-consuming regripping.