Bomar Easy Cut 275.230DG

A gravity bandsaw with a robust cast-iron arm and 27 mm high saw band. Hard metal band precision guide, an arm joint laid in preloaded tapered bearings, and synchronous running brush for chips removal providing the best and efficient productivity and keep the saw band in good condition for a long time.

Band down feed is ensured by the arm’s self-weight. Saw arm is after cutting lifted by the hand. The machine offers two-sided angle cuts.

The saw band is driven by a double-speed industrial motor and an oil-bath worm gearbox. The double-sided swivelling arm with the 45°- 60° range (at a stable position of the clamped material) and a robust vice ensure a universal use of the saw.

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Cutting Parameters

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230 275×180 230
45°R 190 190×150 180
60°R 120 120×100 100
45°L 170 185×100 150

Technical Data

Working mode: manual
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: -45° – 60°
Drive: 1,1 / 1,5 kW, 3×400 V/ 50 Hz
Saw band speed: 40 – 80 m/min.
Saw band dimensions: 2 720x27x0,9 mm
Material loading height: 978 mm
Shortest remainder length: 20 mm
Smallest sawing diameter: Ø 5 mm

Machine Dimensions

Length: 1 588 mm
Width: 1 150 mm
Height: 1 477 mm
Weight: 370 kg