Bomar Pulldown 160.120 G

Pulldown 160.120 G bandsaw is the smallest machine offered. It is suitable for smaller scale cutting in locksmith’s workshops as a substitute for common chop saws.

Thanks to its portability it is an ideal tool for locksmiths working on construction sites. Compared with competition, this saw excels in the cutting precision guaranteed by precise saw band guiding in bearings and especially in hardmetals.

The band arm made from an Al-alloy significantly decreases the machine weight, which means easier handling on construction sites. The single-phase double-speed motor (230 V) contributes to a longer saw band lifetime, especially for cutting stainless profile materials.

The saw is equipped with a high-performance double-speed motor, quick-action vice, and continuous arm turning at a stable position of the clamped material up to 60°. The saw band downfeed and arm lifting are performed manually.

Key features

  • portable due to its size
  • excellent cutting precision
  • optimum performance
  • simple operation and maintenance
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Cutting parameters

120 160×70 120
45°R 90 100×90 90
60°R 55 55×65 55

Technical specification

Working mode: manual
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: 0° – 60°
Drive: 0,37 kW, 1×230 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 35 – 70 m/min
Saw band dimensions: 1620 x 13 x 0,65 mm
Material loading height: 90 mm
Shortest remainder length: 20 mm

Machine dimensions

Length: 380 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 450 mm
Weight: 38 kg

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Manual DG, Hydraulic Semi-automatic DGH