Cesur Bend PBNC-65 A Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

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Product Features

  • Feeding &  Rotation Axis Digital Control Hydraulic Pens Clamp
  • The machine is 5 pistons.
  • Standard NC machines, using post-twist distance and rotating operator striking and paralelling devices, while getting results; you can do faster and error free bending by following the progress and rotation positions of the bends made with our NC Car System machines.

Technical Information

PBNC-65 A Pipe and Tube Bending Machine
Max. Pipe Diameter 63
Max.Wall Thickness (mm) 3,5
Max. Bending Angle (°) 190
Bending Speed (rev/min) 7-10
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 250
Min. Bending Radius (mm) 45
Working Tolerances-Bending (mm) ± 0.25 mm
Pipe Loading Length (mm) 4000
Bending Axis Movement 7.5 Kw Geared Motor (YILMAZ)
Hydraulic System (kW) 4
Max.Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 140 Kg. / cm2 (bar)
Oil Tank Capacity (lt) 50
Machine Width (mm) 1310
Machine Length (mm) 5630
Machine Height (mm) 1450
Machine Weight (kg) 2100