CIDAN EVO DUO metal shear is the strongest mechanical shear on the market, with a capacity to handle sheet thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 4.0 mm in the same machine (applies to EVO DUO 30). EVO DUO is a powerful built guillotine shear equipped with two (DUO) gearmotors that distribute power and load optimally. The CIDAN EVO DUO metal shear is available in two lengths, 3200 mm and 4100 mm. The machine is well equipped as standard with a lot of features that creates a perfect working environment that meets the greatest demands on efficiency and ergonomics:

  • Blade gap adjustment
  • Sheet support – supports the material during the cut, as standard designed for return to sender. As option with delivery to the rear side of the machine.
  • Pneumatic hold-down beam that enables gentle handling of softer materials, such as aluminum.
  • The distance from the hold-down beam to the cutting line is less than 35 mm, which minimizes the material waste.
  • Flexible table with T-groove rails for table pans, fixed and adjustable angular stops and support arms that can be rearranged and replaced.

EVO DUO guillotine shear can be equipped with a 750 or 1000 mm programmable back gauge with CutLink finger touch control. The back gauge is a fast and accurate positioning system with many interesting functions that facilitate the handling of the sheet metal. CIDAN shear EVO DUO fits well with the CIDAN philosophy of low environmental impact, as the machine has low energy consumption, a very low noise level and is designed for maximum usability.

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Model Working length Material thickness Speed Weight
  mm (“) Steel mm (ga) Stainless Steel mm (ga) Aluminium mm (“) Klipp/min kg (lbs)
EVO DUO 32 3200 (122) 4.0 (9) 2.25 (14) 5.5 (0.216) 28 2280 (4,806)
EVO DUO 41 4100 (161) 2.5 (12) 1.6 (16) 3.7 (0.145) 28 2670 (5,778)


Standard Equipment

  • Sturdy, low-noise gear motor
  • Single or continuous stroke control
  • Double edged blades
  • Finger proctection
  • Blade gap adjustments
  • Pneumatic hold down beam suitable for soft material
  • Table rails with t-groove (for mounting of different options)
  • Foot pedal and button on the electrical cabinet to start the cut
  • Pneumatic Sheet support with return plate (materialto front side of shear)
  • LED cutting line light


Motorized back gauge

Motorized back gauge with CutLink control system and ball screws, 750 mm or 1000 mm

Moveable material wagon

The moveable material wagon is offered as an alternative to fixed return plate for return to sender option. Easily move cut material to another workstation with this option. Plus, it can be picked up with a forklift. Features include: lockable wheels and removable handle.

Moveable material wagon option sheet metal shears - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Adjustable angle gauge

Adjustable angle gauge with graduated scale.

Mechanical Safety guards

Fixed protective device on the back of the machine, rear fixed or with lightguard

Squaring Arm

Squaring arm with or without T-groove and tilt stop. Available in lengths from 440 mm up to 3000 mm for EVO DUO.


Table Extension

Table extensions with or without T-slot and tilt stop. For EVO DUO there are table extensions (support arms) from 416 mm up to 3000 mm.

Table Pan

EVO DUO is adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes. There are two different widths on table pans to choose from, both with and without steel balls.