Motorized decoiler model D from Forstner is a heavy duty decoiler developed for high speed production.  Model D is available for coils op to 3, 5 and 7 tons. Coil is loaded directly on the cantilevered mandrel by crane, fork lift or coil car. The mandrel is hydraulically expandable and holds the coil in a secure grip. The motor is frequency controlled and the decoiler can reach a maximum speed of 25 meters per minute.

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  • The motorized decoiler is a unique innovation with an intelligent and clean design, where parts are placed inside the machine construction, in order to prevent any damages in heavy industrial environments.
  • The hydraulic mandrel has three support plates to maintain a perfect round coil shape during expansion. The mandrel is equipped with hydraulic wedges to keep the coil tight to the mandrel during the whole decoiling process.
  • Motorized decoiler ensures an easy and secure loading of coils.
  • Motor driven decoiling and recoiling.
  • Suitable for frequent coil changes.
  • Very suitable for sensitive product surfaces.
Model Coil weight Expansion Coil width, max Inner diameter Outer diameter, max Speed, max Sheet thickness steel, max
kg typ mm mm mm m/min mm
D3  3000 kg Hydraulic 1500 465-515 1100 25 1.5
D5 5000 kg Hydraulic 1500 465-515 1200 25 1.5
D7 7000 kg Hydraulic 1500 465-515 1200 25 1.5