TruLaser Tube 3000 Fiber

Economical even at low utilization

Whether you would like to insource quality, produce at short notice with more flexibility or develop new customers and markets: the TruLaser 3000 fiber is the machine for you – and it is ideal for first-time users or as a supplementary machine thanks to its easy handling.


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Particularly cost-effective

This machine is worth it even when it is not fully utilized.

Reliable functions and robust design

The machine completes many tasks itself – this saves you money and prevents errors.

Easy to operate

Operation made easy: the machine is easily accessible with minimum set up

Cutting and clamping with precision 

The TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber delivers quality and precision.

Optimum result

The solid-state laser and high-quality TRUMPF cutting data produce high-quality cuts.

Top quality and excellent operability: the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber is the ideal machine for getting started in laser tube processing and as a supplementary machine.

Economic and easy to operate

High dynamics

The rigid machine frame and precise tube guides simultaneously provide particularly quick processing and high quality in the finished part.

Good accessibility

The open machine concept is reflected in all of its elements – from loading to the machining process view to removal of the finished part.

Minimum setup times

No setup times or setup errors in the standard clamping range – produce without changing the setup thanks to the clamping system for the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber.

High quality

Adaptive clamping system

Are L- and U-profiles part of your production? You can also process open profiles quickly and with precision thanks to the adaptive clamping system.


No more adjustments by hand: the FocusLine control mechanism keeps the focal position of the laser constant and automatically adapts it to the material.

Precise tube guide

Whether it’s for longer or shorter parts – your tube is optimally guided and in most cases, you can work without any microjoints at all. This means that rejects are a thing of the past.