Turn & Mill

Turn & Mill Overview

The turn-mill machines of the CTX TC, NT and NTX series represent the premium class of universal turning centres. Up to 6-side turning and up to 5-axis CNC milling can be achieved in one setting with these turning machines. Dynamic linear drives, stable B-axis, and fast revolvers as tool carriers or a swivel-mounted counter spindle (NTX) are other features which contribute to the uniqueness of these flexible high-performance machine tools.

CTX TC Series

Turn & Mill Complete Machining Center

The turn-mill machines of the CTX TC and CTX TC 4A series represent the premium class of universal turning centers. Their counter spindle enables 6-sided complete machining. 5-axis simultaneous machining guarantees perfectly milled surfaces, even for complex workpieces. The combination of diverse technologies is one of the defining trends in modern manufacturing. The CTX TC sets new standards here with its 360° technology integration of turning, milling, gear cutting and grinding. Large tool magazines, automatic tool change and in-process measurement make the CTX TC series the ideal machine for automation solutions.