NLX 2000

Ultimate Performance for Parts Machining

Max. turning diameter                                                                             366 mm
Max. work piece length with a tailstock (can be machined)            510 mm
Max. chuck size                                                                                         203 mm
Max spindle motor speed                                                                       5,000 rpm
Drive power rating (100% DC)                                                              15 kW (AC)
Max. bar capacity diameter                                                                    65 mm
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High rigidity

  • Slideways on X-, Z-, and Y-axis for higher vibration damping performance and dynamic rigidity

Improved milling power

  • BMT (Built-in Motor Turret) installed in the turret
  • High-speed rotary tool spindle: 10,000 min-1
  • Max. rotary tool spindle torque: 29 N·m (21.4 ft·lbf) <3 min>

High precision

  • Thoroughly controlled thermal displacement: Coolant circulation in machine body as standard
  • Machining precision improved by heat-controlling structure
  • High-precision, quick-change turret (option)



Integrated digitization of the DMG MORI machines & the shop floor:

  • CELOS Machine: APP-based user interface with access to all production-related information
  • CELOS Manufacturing: 27 CELOS APPs for the optimal preparation & processing of orders
  • Digital Factory: Continuous digital workflows from planning to production & service

Work Area

Max. swing diameter

924 mm

Max. turning diameter

366 mm

Max. work piece length with a tailstock (can be machined)

510 mm

Max. work piece length with a tailstock (can be machined Type 500)

510 mm

Max. chuck size

203 mm

Main spindle

Max spindle motor speed

5,000 rpm

Drive power rating (100% DC)

15 kW (AC)

Torque (100% DC)

256 Nm

Max. bar capacity diameter

65 mm

Counter spindle (Option)

Max spindle motor speed

6,000 rpm

Turret (standard)

Number of driven tools / Max. speed

20 / 10000 n/rpm

Turret slide

Rapid traverse rate X- / Y- / Z-axis

30/10/30 m/min


Machine weight

5,500 kg